Current Trends in Cyber Security: An Interview with the Founder of the Center for Advanced Security


The German Center for Research and Innovation team and guest bloggers post information on current topics in science, technology, and entrepreneurship related to the German research and innovation landscape.
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Germany Grad Fair 2017

At the GCRI

At the Germany Grad Fair 2017 on April 28th at the German House, a wide range of graduate opportunities in all subject fields will be introduced.  
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DNA repair: a new letter in the cell alphabet


Cells need to repair damaged DNA in our genes to prevent the development of cancer and other diseases. Our cells therefore activate and send “repair-proteins” to the damaged parts within the DNA.  
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"The German Center for Research and Innovation, an important think-tank for German-American business relationships, did an excellent job organizing a top-of-the-line event on global transport and logistics."

Dr. Josef Blank

CEO & President, DB US Holding Corporation