Entrepreneurship: An Interview with a Biotech Entrepreneur and Innovator


The German Center for Research and Innovation team and guest bloggers post information on current topics in science, technology, and entrepreneurship related to the German research and innovation landscape.
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Falling Walls Lab New York

At the GCRI

On September 14, 2017, the German Center for Research and Innovation will host the Falling Walls Lab New York, a competition and opportunity for the next generation of academics to share their ideas and innovations.  
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Galaxies at the Heart of a Gigantic Galaxy Cluster


The discovery of numerous ultra-diffuse galaxies is both remarkable and puzzling  
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"The staff at the GCRI did an exceptional job of hosting the workshop on 'Planning Successful International Research Careers,' bringing together an effective blend of speakers, attracting a large and attentive audience of young biomedical scientists, and stimulating innovative approaches."

Sarah Poynton Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Molecular and Comparative, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore