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Technical Foundations of Freedom and Privacy on the Internet

11/15/2017, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM | German House New York

Technical Foundations of Freedom and Privacy on the Internet

• University of Hamburg

Topics surrounding freedom and privacy in the Internet are increasingly discussed and debated by IT-experts, industry, policy makers and the individual day-to-day user. While the ordinary user is often concerned about privacy and confidentiality of his or her data when surfing the web and using digital services, industry and technology companies focus and rely very much on big data, including information of the individual user, as a core pillar of their business. Additionally, policy makers and law enforcement agencies are striving towards observation of communication as an anti-terror measure limiting a user’s privacy even more. While freedom and privacy in the digital world might be possible, anonymity in the internet seems to be an illusion. By bringing together experts from top-ranking research institutions of the world and from industry, the panel discussion enabled a multilayered analysis of the apparent discrepancy of freedom and privacy in the digital world. The panelists touched on issues surrounding anonymity and the problem of anonymous real-time communication, privacy enhancing technologies (e.g. confidentiality of content by means of encryption) and the Darknet. During their discussion, they explored the relations between individual privacy, industry needs, cybercrime and law enforcement in a broader societal framework, asking the question: “How much privacy (anonymity) is valuable for society?” The panelists shared research and innovation on trends and opportunities for the enhancement of transatlantic projects concerning security and privacy in the industry.

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  • Featured Speakers

    • Prof. Dr. Hannes Federrath

      Security in Distributed Systems, Department of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

    • Prof. Keith W. Ross

      Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, Affiliated Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, NYU Shanghai; Leonard J. Shustek Professor of Computer Science, Tandon School of Engineering, NYU

    • Prof. Damon McCoy

      Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at New York University's Tandon School of Engineering

    • Sadia Afroz

      Senior Researcher at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) at UC Berkeley

    • William Lymer (Moderator)

      Chief Growth Officer, Loki Labs